Saturday, November 13, 2010

I dunno whr to start . Seriously , ur actions didnt tally wif what u sae . I guess im nt impt to u . Im just a person who can accompany u , who can turn to , when u feel lonely . Yes , u asked me about what i want to tell u , but u choose de wrong timing . 2 times u asked me , when i was slping and u have nth to do . Seriously , i nid someone to care , to concern about me , to love me . Not someone who only thinks fer themselves . U said u wont talk to gals , but u did talk to gals . U said u wont smoke so much , but u did . U said u wont spend those money , but u did . So in conclusion , wad u sae , u dont mean it . I noe u are busy with your dota training , since compeition is tml . That is why i didnt blame u fer nt spending time wif me . If im realli impt to u , den show it . What i told u , u always doesnt pay much attention to it . If u realli did pay much attention , den can i ask u , when is my nxt appointment ? I doubt u will rmb my nxt appointment date . Anyway good luck fer tml competition .

11:23 PM

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Seriously , im so scare of love . I dont believe in love . Too much scar , too much hurt . Im tired , im scared , im paronoid . Sometimes i doubt ur words , buden when u show actions , i believed . Seriously , i dont understand why u nid to always view her profile . Pple view is cos interested , and wants to noe more about their daily life . So u telling me , u interested in her ? Plus u is everyday , nt seldom . Do u even view my blog , my fb everyday ? Dunno , dunno , dunno . Best is to dont have any contact . Sometimes i realli want to end this r/s . But sometimes i dont realli want to end . And i dont noe why im feeling like this . -.- I say so much , do u even understand ? If only u knows how i feel n understand .

10:52 PM

Monday, November 1, 2010

So this is hw to fking treat me . Asking me to go straight home when u jolly well noe about my condition . So u have achieve ur aim , making fun of me . Asking me to meet u at cwp to eat , and when i reached , u show me attutide , and ask me to go straight home without having my dinner . ccb , knn . I fking hate u . I dont see and i dont even feel tt u care for me . When ur best friend is being jailed , u worry for him , and when his out , the first thing u do , is to visit him . How great a frenz u are . When i was being discharged from hospital , whr de fk are u ? U didnt even come visit me . Scared of my parents ? This is also ur fking fault , and u scared of my parents ? Dont give me craps . If u dare to do it , u wont even scare at all . Fker . Sae so many emo , regret stuffs , in de end u oso didnt even regret . All u did was to blame urself , did u even do any amends ? Fking ask urself , what amends u did to me ? Showing me attutide , den i fking dont want ur amends . -'- So big alrdy , still so childish , act like u are de king , only noe hw to fking think abt urself . Oh , if u want to calculate , i will calculate for u .

Ur cigg , ur meals , ur hp , ur ez-link card , ur supper during camp . Still gt tt time u work at lan , u make spoil the air-con n u borrow few hundred from me . And is nt once , is twice . Counting the number of handphone u make spoil . If u want to sae tt lollipop hp is u bought fer me , den i can tell u straight u ur fking face , u FKING DIDNT BUY IT FER ME . Or shld i sae i bought it myself ? -'- I sell away my hp and lend u those money . So tell me when did u fking buy a hp fer me using ur fking money ? U fking didnt . Frankly speaking , u didnt even bother to return me money , and u fking ask me fer pocket money . CB , how thick skin u are man . So if u want to calculate , i fking help u calculate , u owe me more den $2000 , including de taxi fare tt i took , just to pass u ur damn cigg and u owe my father $1000 . See hw much u owe my family . I think ur whole life , u will spend all ur money returning others . Buden u see till nw , u haben even fking pay ur frenz money which u owe him wif a bloody $500 only and u took more den 1 yr to return and yet , nw u still haben fking return him de money yet .

If u sae i 4gt those little things tt u did , well i didnt forget . But frankly speaking those little things , are wad a bf shld do . So i shldnt broad over it . Plus those little things u did for me , doesnt weight more den hw u treated me .

Seriously , get a life man . U are just childish , useless , hopeless , son of a bitch , bastard . Childish , because , u only know how to go audi find gals , find friends , u are just another despo freak . Oh , i 4gt u are so lonely tt u nid to resort to this . Useless , because , u dont even have a meaning in living . The rest , i dont wish to sae . If u dunno , den u are just pathetic . Hope u die a tragic end . And i fking hate u . I dont wish to see u ever in my life again . -'- U live ur life as what u want , even if u go back to the life that u once live in , it doesnt concern me anymore .

9:54 PM

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hm ... all i can sae is , i nid to be more understanding at this kind situation . Too much stress to handle . Army + skin + me . Seriously damn hard fer a person . Buden who will be more understanding to me den ? Maybe i shld nt ask fer any return .

12:21 AM

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Feelings blend , love gone , coldness intrude . Wad more can i sae ? If is cos of de prob , den u choose to be cold towards me , den forget abt it , i just have to settle it myself . This only shows tt u are nt responsible , just sore loser . If u wan to compare who is de one stressing more , i can jolly well tell u . Is me , nt you . How am i suppose to tell my parents ? How am i going to continue wif my life ? Can i depend on u , when u cnt even feed urself ? Can i depend on u , when u dont even love me ? Dere's too much question tt cnt be answered .

What do you understand ? Nothing . U just dunno tt u are going back to de old u . Words are simple to sae , like abc , but when it comes to action , is hard . U always sae , buden ur action tells de opposite . Is damn dissappointed .

You sae u are unappreciated , den let me ask u at de 1st place , did u even appreciate pple at de 1st place ? NO , U FREAKING NVR ! U take things for granted . Im de best example to ur unappreciated . So is fair when u are unappreciated .

10:49 AM

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I find de wordpress meaningless , tt's why i sort of closed dwn . Its purpose is to write urs and my true feelings in it , since im de only one writing it , and i doubt u oso go to view it , i nid nt write dere anymore . And i dont wish to keep remind u to read de wordpress . Is like forcing u . If u realli take this seriously , or if this is impt to u , u will read it on ur own accord .

I wonder when will u even find out tt de wordpress is being closed dwn , or u dont even knew it . Nbm , this shows hw much u care , hw impt it is . Since u have so many free times , going to audi to ask pple fer fb , view their profile , pic , etc , why dont u have time to go to de wordpress and write wad u feel or read hw i feel ? Forget it .

oh great , talk to me veri sianz rite ? Den u can dont nid to call me le . Go call others gal which wont make u feel sianz when talking to u . Issit my fault when u having trouble in army ? Issit my fault when u have nt enff money ? Hello , mind u , im ur gf , nt others .

I realli suspect or shld i sae , i dont feel de love alrdy . Or shld i sae it more directly , u dont even love me at all . Dere's a difference between i love you , and love you . If u realli love me , dont sae , prove it by action . But ur action does show tt u love me .

Thinking back wad u did , i cnt realli forgive u . I treat u so good , u tell me , which gf will go to such extend to hlp u ? Yet u treat me like this . Enough . Im seriously tired .

U have also shut urself away from me . U are nt tt open anymore . Everything either u keep it to urself or u tell others , but nt me .

Tys uh , off ur hp . Seriously , grow up man . U are still de same old u . If u want to off ur hp , den go ahead man . I seriously have enff le . Goodbye .

10:32 PM

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Looking back on the past few years on this day , whr my whole family and i would go down to the playground , playing with candle , carrying lanterns walking arnd the neighbourhood , eating mooncake , viewing the full round moon . Is realli been so long since i last eat mooncake man . I still rmb the time when i was in primary sch , i stayed at my grandmother house , and my cousin and i would play sparkles outside the house , going down to the playground to play candles , eating mooncake , and my uncle would give us riddles to guess , and if we guess correctly , we will be award . Haha ! Hm ... everyone grow up now . Hardly meet each other unless special occasion . Tsk , nw i oso dont even feel de mood of mid autumn festival . I dont even noe is on de 22nd of september till someone told me . Pathetic rite ?! T_T

Hm ... didnt won de compeition . Argh . So hard . But is okay , at least we have some experience and we learnt alot .

11:01 PM